Northern Pike are fierce apex predators. They are related to the musky but are much more susceptible to being caught on gear or on the fly. These fish are aggressive and are always eagerly awaiting their next meal. Depending on the time of year, we fish lakes and rivers for these gators.


Northern Pike

6 Hour Trip- $350

  • For 1-2 people ($50 per extra person up to 4 total)

  • Provided: Gear, Tackle, Water


8 Hour Trip - $450

  • For 1-2 people ($50 per extra person up to 4 total)

  • Provided: Gear, Tackle, Lunch & Water

Trips are for 1-4 people, out of the comfort of a Riverpro Boat. Several days prior to your trip we will contact you with a meeting place and time. 

Please contact us for multiple day discounts and multiple boat trips.


What to Bring

  • Valid Fishing License (can be purchased online)

  • Polarized sunglasses

  • Weather appropriate clothing (rain gear)

  • Camera

  • We do supply water, other beverages must be brought on your own.

  • Fishing Gear- Anglers are welcome to bring any of their own gear they would like to use but it isn't mandatory. Your guide will have all the gear you need to have a successful day on the water.


Our guides are sometimes asked how much is appropriate to tip. Traditionally, if you enjoyed yourself and your experience with your guide, the tip should be 20%. Our guides give 110% every trip to ensure that you have a trip of a lifetime!

Do we keep fish?

Seeing that our main focus is on Smallmouth, Pike, and Musky, we closely follow the practice of catch-and-release while on our trips. Not that we are against keeping fish, but one of our goals is to help improve and keep our fisheries going . It's hard to even imagine how many years it took that 50 inch Musky to grow, and we are going to work towards taking care of them and the waterways we encounter. 

Weather Day Policy 

Inclement weather is a part of everyone's life.  Although rare, these days may spoil fishing or create unsafe conditions and cancellations are required. In the event of a weather day, there will be an effort to reschedule to accommodate for the client and the guide. If unable to reschedule, the initial deposit will be returned.