Mid Summer Report

The 2016 Summer has been running super strong! Many big muskys have already shown themselves. Norbert landed a giant measuring out at 50.5x21! To make it even more exciting than that, yes it was even on a topwater!  Another congratulations goes out to Arlin from California on his first every musky, another very memorable fish. 

Musky is not all that's on the mind. Are clients have had great success catching numerous fish but Mark recently got his hands on his first freshwater fish. A natural beauty, smallmouth in which we we're all excited to land!  The smallmouth are in their summer routine and the warm temperatures have them moving, filled with action, and crushing top water and big streamers! They're truly a force to be reckoned with! 


Minnesota Musky Opener 2016

Opening weekend of the 2016 musky season came to a close and it set the bar high! We started out with an awesome musky on the fly mid day Saturday and ended the trip with 9 other follows and one stud pike.

Smallmouth season is still running strong with top water heating up nicely. We got a few nice smallmouth today along with a couple pike and a bonus walleye! 

Wisconsin Musky Opener 2016

We changed it up this weekend and took a short break from smallmouth to get our figure 8’s back in shape and get some toothy critters!

Starting out the weekend we had some weather come in that moved fish. As the weekend went on temperatures had warmed up, and sunny skies had taken over. With all the rain before and during the weekend, lots of Northern Wisconsin rivers were blown out, and unfortunately not currently fishable. With that said, we decided to hit some lakes. We ended up finding quite a few fish and more were active in clearer lakes using natural colors. We where able to land a couple nice fish and had a couple giants follow multiple times. Overall it was a great opening weekend here in Northern Wisconsin!

I hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day and got to spend some time out on the water!

Keep on Livin’ the Dream


Minnesota Fishing Opener 2016

The 2016 season finally kicked off, and it was a great weekend!

We were out on the water Saturday and Sunday and had nice action for opening weekend. With a cold front that moved in Friday night and a chilly, cloudy, and windy Saturday fish seemed to have pushed into deeper water. There was quite a bit of action with heavy flies in clouser and black leech patterns.

Sunday had an entirely new feeling to the day. Temperatures were a little warmer, about mid to higher 60’s, partly sunny skies and only slight wind at times. Starting out the day right off the bat with a few smallies in the boat on the CK bait fish, that later became the hot bait with a more smallmouth on clousers. Minnow patterns were the way to go. While using the CK bait fish, we stumbled upon a couple unexpected pike that gave us a good fight. The fish all seemed to be more active all day Sunday as water temperatures were slowly warming up. Towards the end of the day, we were beginning to see more smallmouth up in the shallows. With the warm weather in the next week or so, fishing should really be getting good!

And what better way to start the 2016 season, and end opening weekend, than with a 23inch Smallmouth on the fly! Watching that rod bend after a breathtakingly insane eat was something I wish I could re play!

Keep on Livin’ the Dream


23 inch Smallmouth on the fly!

23 inch Smallmouth on the fly!


Early Season Trout Fishing

Had a great family trip down to Northern Iowa this past weekend of April 28-May1. Fishing on Thursday and Friday was a little tougher but we were still able connect with a few fish. Saturday we tried out a new stream about a half hour south from the campsite we stayed at and found some super active fish! Through the down pouring rain all day, we managed to get lots of Brook and Rainbow trout along with the occasional Brown. Overall a great time was had by all anglers. 

Keep on Livin' the Dream